Professionally known as " jaysvito " OR " VITO ", the artist himself was born in Brooklyn, NewYork. He moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at just six-years of age. Vito is both a FREELANCE videographer and photographer. A lot of his work deals with portraits & street-photography but does not limit him in what he can possibly do within other categories. Vito's inspiration can mostly be accredited to a single mother's endless hustle which has always inspired him to work his hardest in life as well and chase after his goals & dreams persistently. 

   Vito has worked with other artists such as TOOSII AND JACK HARLOW, but also for major apparel/shoe companies such as NEW BALANCE, PUMA, NIKE, ETHIK, DTLR and even JORDAN. All great projects he was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be a part of.

   The 26 year-old Haitian-American Photographer/Videographer 

with his Bachelors Of Arts degree in Media Arts at Temple University from 2019, the Artist really hopes to travel the world with all the knowledge he has gained over those years he had attended the university. Also wanting to work on unforgettable projects, and collaborating with many on this creative journey he calls his own.




PHOTO BY: @chrisriebow