Professionally known as " jaysvito " or " VITO ", born in Brooklyn, NewYork, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when he was just Seven. Vito is currently a full-time videographer for DTLRVILLAHe also specializes in portraits dealing with both digital and film-photography. Vito's inspiration can be accredited to just always wanting to do what he loves which is to create so that is what he's doing endlessly.

   Vito has done work for some major companies such as NEW BALANCE, PUMA, NIKE, ETHIK, and even BOOMPHILLY. All great projects he has been blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of.

   The 24 year-old Haitian-American Photographer/Videographer 

with a Bachelors degree in film at one of the most highly talked about Universities in the city of Philly, Temple University, the artist really hopes to travel the world with all the knowledge he has gain over those years, collaborate with many, explore new places and meet new people on his creative journey, overall just creating works of art wether it be video or photos that ultimately last a lifetime!


PHOTO BY: @chrisriebow