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This view is of the equipment I use to take all my pictures with. I own a Nikon D3200 and I have for 3 lenses, two kit lenses are use every so often and the third is my Tamron AF 18mm-200mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di ii LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Zoom Lens. That's the lens I use the most out of all 3, the lens itself is just amazing. Im the type of person who needs that length in a lens because taking a picture, especially of a person you don't want spotting you, it's just so easy without really being notice. Another glass I own is a macro lens which fits on my 67mm kit lens, the Macro lens is a high definition 10x Macro Lens. I basically bought this for eye photography, I've notice numerous photographers who took great pictures with a macro lens and I told myself "why not try it also" so I did. I bought one and tried it on my brothers eyes and I really was amazed by how detailed the picture was of his eye. I'd recommend anyone dealing with photography to have at least one Macro Lens in their possession, most definitely. I also own a MacBook Pro, I feel as though if theirs anything related to Photography, having a mac is the best way to go when trying to use any type of computers dealing with professional pictures. Especially I phone users, because its just as easy to link all the pictures you have taken an now their automatically uploaded to your computer or I cloud. Another camera I use to take pictures with sometimes is my iPhone 6 plus which takes pictures as if it was just another Dslr. Whenever Im not caring my Nikon d3200 and I have to capture something, my phone is great tool when it comes to dealing with situations such as that.

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