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I recently had taken a trip to New York City with a friend of mine, we walked for 11 hours straight, no tours, no help with any directions from others, except the Gps on our phones. The experience was just epic, I had seen buildings, monuments, and famous tourist attractions I'd never see here in Philadelphia. An so I took advantage of what appeared in front of me an captured it. Even when we had our Gps on our phones we were still surprisingly getting lost, don't ask how please. Point is, you make it your responsibility to explore the place you are in, don't put that type of opportunity in anyone elses hands but your owns. Taking advantage of the sites and what's occurring right in front you is an essential part in exploring the place your in. My first month exploring City Hall here in Philadelphia was a hassle I got lost, couldn't find my way back to the place I parked but going their numerous times I learned almost every part of the city, getting lost wasn't an option an couldn't really happen to me anymore. Back to New York, the city was just one of a kind. One of my favorite places I had gone to was the China Town in NewYork an it took up portions of the city that was how big it was. Overall my experiences with me exploring such a beautiful city was well worth it, no paid tour needed.

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