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Believe it or not this photographer, me looking at his work on instagram had inspired me to become a photographer myself. His style is just different overall. From the pretty women he shoots to his landscape shoots, they inspired me to become who I am today. The first time ever seeing some of his work was when I was at Pacsun and I had seen his name on the shirts themselves. The women he had done photoshoots fore were on the shirts themselves and I've been amazed of his work ever since.

2. @Danfolger

The guy is living life well, especially being able and having the opportunity to shoot with wiz khalifa almost everyday. Why this photographer is apart of my "Top Three" is truly because of his unbelievable adventures and also owning his own jewelry, online shopping and all, called "", the celebrities he meet and takes pictures of inspire me very much so to be in such a position in life where I could do what I love and live life happy doing what I love. Truly, Danfolger just inspires me everyday looking at his adventures in his pictures to work as hard for myself.

3. @Jesseherzog

Dealing with Portrait pictures, because of Jesse's work I went out and actually bought a 35mm to take portraits. I feel as though he put much thought into his portrait pictures dealing with composition, lighting and so on. His portrait pictures resemble cinematic scenes from a movie that's just simply frozen in the moment, it just amazes me on how well he take pictures of his subjects. His work is very much so influential and that is why he is in my "Top Three".

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