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Graduates of 2016

This year a close friend of mind after four years of high school, he had finally graduated. The tears of joy ran down his grandmother's face as she hugged him dearly an she couldn't have been anymore proud of her grandson. He had accomplished something great, his parents were proud, friends, and other family members just couldn't stay seated when his name was called up to grab that diploma. Overall to the students who're going to graduate or to the students who have already done so, I wish y'all the best of luck in whatever it is you wish to study in. The knowledge that you now have, use it to better yourself. Keep making the people who have stood by you from the beginning happy by moving forward with whatever it is you hope to gain and wish to accomplish for your future career. No matter how hard something may be don't have that mindset of giving up because you as person, as graduate made it this far. Once again congratulations to the class of 2016.

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