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' Its Called Grinding

Nowadays the crazy thing I see and or hear from peoples mouth's is wishing for the lives of others which is wrong. You see people taking things for granted, wanting to live the lives others because the things that person is going through is bad, wanting to fit in with the crowd, not really wanting to be themselves but see others an want to be exactly like them, doing exactly what the other person is doing. Nah. Lets face it nothing hits you harder then life, but you can live that life your living now or you can do something about it. YOU can change it, YOU. Look up to those people and be inspired by them but don't wish for the life they have be grateful for the one that was already given to you by the man himself and make a change in it if that is what you so desire. You work hard enough your time will come, don't give up, just don't. And for all you artist's out there this may apply to others, if you wish for bigger things in life be less of a person trying to be like the rest and be more of a person trying to be the one doing things differently from the rest.

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