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We all should truly be determined and have dreams to achieve that one thing in our lives that takes time an doesn't happen overnight. Being so determined to get somewhere that some people may think you can't ever reach it is something that you as a person can't let falter your dreams. Something I'd like to touch upon is, these days people just don't follow through with their dreams, beliving it to be too hard, and or told by others they can't achieve such a goal and or it just can't happen. People who just give up that easy must understand that what we hope to accomplish in life shouldn't be define in a negative manner by the words of others. If you have a dream that you'll be president, work for it, you want to be one of the best photographers, work for it. You want to be the greatest designer...WORK FOR IT! But don't sit there giving up, thinking that with no hard work, no determination and or a positive mindset it will get you far because it won't. Don't let the words of the people who'd love to see you fall get to you, keep going because at the end of the day you have to go through the struggle to reach your success.

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