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Throughout the summer I've learned to appreciate my life as whole more then ever and so I think that's truly why this video is even in existence in the first place. This time last year I wasn't doing anything as close to what I'm doing today, I'd like to thank the things that went totally right in my life and I'd also like to thank the things that didn't go as planned in my life. But overall it made me who I am, one saying that ill never forget is "Everything happens for a reason". Meeting new people to making stronger bonds with friends, I truly wanted to share with you guys my experiences throughout Summer Sixteen and to also inspire y'all to go out, live life and do what makes you happy in life. Mark your calendars because August 25th 2016 is when ill be sharing my journey of this summer with you guys, thanks again for all the support, really looking forward to sharing such an amazing experience with everyone.

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