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Gotta Catch'em all!

The virtual game which has almost every phone dying rapidly then ever, "Pokémon GO", which launched just last week and its hitting big numbers in statistics. How popular is it? Well statistics show that the app itself is getting as much attention as daily users who go on twitter. Me being a fellow player myself, this app is very much so enjoyable. You're literally meeting players who have downloaded the app themselves, wether you're looking for pokémon, going to battle at a gym or just trying to reach a checkpoint to acquire items, it's pretty awesome to meet other players and seeing what they have caught so far. Rumors have it that in the near future theres to come an update for the app which would allow players to trade Pokémon, if so that would be love. Also one other fun feature in this app is how one is able to work together with a friend to take over a Gym so you are able to defeat them much more easily, I mean if you and your teammates can anyways. The crossover between gaming and the real world is what makes this app so unique and I'm just envisioning now how because this app is coming by storm like this they're going to be similar games coming soon because of Pokémon GO because it's enmourous users and how much users enjoy playing it. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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