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' The Future

I've done a lot these pass 19years to lead me up to what I'm doing now. I hope that doing what I do which is Photography, I hope that I can do it for the rest of my life. Growing up I was always an art person, I feel as though creativity is just something that I had in me all my life since the day I was born I was just destined to become an artist of some sort. Creating something an being satisfied about it because you especially made it, that was an will always be a great feeling for me. Further on in my years I want to travel, explore different countries and see what's it like to live in certain conditions. I want to interact with people that I usually don't really interact with on a daily basis. My future, I just want to live life happy doing the things I love most and being able to most importantly provide for my mother in the long run because she deserves it all.

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