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' Graffiti Art, Not Vandalism

I could write a whole novel on the importance of graffiti art and explain why its not Vandalism and why it's one of the greatest styles of art but I'm not, maybe another time so let me keep it short. Graffiti art is just something of beauty and such creativity that goes into such work done by these artists are truly unreal. One of my favorite places to witness such works of art are abandon buildings and abandon factories because graffiti art is one of my favorite things to capture on my camera. I feel as though expressing such creativity for the world to see, it's something that should be looked upon by more people as being more of a good and positive thing. In today's society people see graffiti art especially in some areas an think of the whole area as being this super bad place because they spot graffiti art, no...that is not always the case. Graffiti art is ART theirs no denying that it's not, from the strokes of the different letterings or making a picture of some sort to also the thousands of colors used in such work, Graffiti art is ART an not Vandalism its just an artists creativity from the mind coming to reality on walls for anyone and everyone to witness.

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