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When I was in high school I had envisioned a life as professional soccer player and some what of a photographer all at once. I wanted to play Soccer for my college team after graduating from high school and maybe after college also entering some kind of famous league to play in and also somehow someway take pictures also. My obsession with playing soccer was at the level I'm at with photography right now. That's not a plan I look at anymore in my life. Today, I envision a whole new view of how I want to live my life now. I do still watch and play soccer but not like I use to, especially because in high school I was playing non-stop. I was truly passionate about it at one point in my life so passionate that I told myself one day I'd make it big. But I mean everything happens for a reason, you go through certain things to be presented with better oppurtunities throughout your life and I just had to choose, its all about what your truly destined to become. An i feel as though I'd go a long way with what I'm doing today which is photography.

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